Grab your favorite glass of bubbly and pull up a seat, sis...

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Think of this kinda like the "can I pick your brain" chats that you always wanted to have with those who are doing epic things + business besties + hype girls + getting into massive action towards your next big idea all in the same place…oh, and bubbly…because like bubbly, togetHER we RISE...This is the real convos, ups & downs & messy middle of building big ideas, being a woman in business, and what it takes to get to the top (without having to go at it alone)...

Business & Bubbly Podcast

Grab a glass of your favorite tea, prosecco, or bubbly water or whatever your flavor is and let’s dive in… are you with me?
Here we go...

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Subscribe and listen to the Business & Bubbly Podcast TODAY!

This is the place for women in business who know they aren’t meant to do business (or life) alone, and for those of us who are on the journey of building our big ideas and want to have fun along the way. On this podcast, together, we’ll unlock what it means ​​to be seen, known, heard and championed along alllll the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and being a woman in business.

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Through her best-selling books, training courses, and sold-out LIVE events, Jane Doe has inspired hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide to add FUN and imagination in the classroom to get students more actively engaged and enjoy learning.  

Jane has proven that it doesn't matter your age, what you teach, what grade students you work with, or how many resources your school has...if you have passion and a little creativity and imagination, you can light a spark in your students that get them EXCITED to come to school and spend time learning in your classroom.