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you have a seat at the table...

We believe that every woman deserves to be seen, heard, known, to belong, to have a seat at the table and that what she brings to the table matters. Click the button to find a networking chapter near you and join our local & global community today!


Local networking chapters

This isn't your cookie-cutter networking event where someone shoves a business card in your hand, verbal vomits their robotic 30-second pitch, and leaves you feeling like you're surrounded by sleezy salesmen...#YaFeelMe

This is a room filled with your soon-to-be #businessbesties and genuine, authentic connections because we aren't meant to do life or business alone. (Oh, and bubbly...because, well, if we aren't having fun, we aren't doing it right)!

Join us for a co-work / co-play networking event where high-achieving like-minded modern women in business gather to network, belong to community, learn business growth tips, have a little bubbly and a whole lotta fun...

What She Said...

WHAT our community is saying:

"Everyone is so supportive and there's no judgement. Come as you are. You will find support & encouragement from everyone in the room!"


"I just moved here and appreciated the genuine and authentic connection I was able to make with the women at the networking event..."

- Lauren

"I was invited by a friend & immediately felt so loved & so empowered. I've made some amazing connections & have grown my business!"

- Serina

Be Seen

the rise summit

Join like-minded modern women in business at our special curated events that are anything but business as usual. #ByeByeBoringBeigeBusinessConference

The Rise Summit is a weekend of empowerment, connection, and tangible takeaways, designed to help you take ACTION on your big ideas + what's working NOW in business, in social media / marketing and the strategy you need to get your next steps, and to grow your business &'s a room full of women who love the marketing and business strategy as much as they love to have fun and celebrate each other along the ups and downs of being a woman in business.

It's where your "too much" (your big dreams, goals, drive and voice) are par for the course and where your "not enough" is filled in by the other epic women around you. And like bubbly, together, we RISE.

Be Heard

business & bubbly podcast

check it out!

Think of this kinda like the "can I pick your brain" chats that you always wanted to have with those who are doing epic things + business besties + hype girls + getting into massive action towards your next big idea all in the same place…oh, and bubbly….grab a glass of your favorite bevvy and listen up...

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If you’re waiting for an invitation, listen to this “quick sip” episode with Founder Charity Majors
If your internal hand is raised and you're just waiting for someone else to "pick you," then  Listen To The Episode

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Women who Compete with Haley Janicek at the Business & Bubbly RISE Summit
In this episode, Haley Janicek shares with us her speech from the Business and Bubbly Summit, which challenges the status quo of what healthy competition for women looks like. She discusses how women differ from men when it comes to competition, and how leveraging the competitive spirit is key to unlocking our greatest potential.  Listen To The Episode

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Diversifying Your Networking - Quick Sip Tip with Charity Majors
If you’re needing those higher-level connections, these are the places to find them. The connections that you make and the people that you surround yourself with are the most important things you can have in your business.  Listen To The Episode

The Squad

(aka our free online community group)

Think of it kinda like a FREE FB group + business besties + hype-girl squad + achieving big goals & dreams + business connections + kick your booty into massive action with the biggest supporters cheering you on every step of the way, all wrapped up in one place.

It's called the Business & Bubbly "Squad." It's the FREE online FB Community of modern women in business who are daring to go after their big ideas and know they aren't meant to go at it alone...

...and we DARE YOU TO BE A PART of what's going on in this SQUAD...

The Marketplace

Our Products

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About Us

Your Name Here

This is where you can expand on who you are, what you're known for, any accomplishments/credentials that you have, and how you came to help the people you serve.    

Through her best-selling books, training courses, and sold-out LIVE events, Jane Doe has inspired hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide to add FUN and imagination in the classroom to get students more actively engaged and enjoy learning.  

Jane has proven that it doesn't matter your age, what you teach, what grade students you work with, or how many resources your school has...if you have passion and a little creativity and imagination, you can light a spark in your students that get them EXCITED to come to school and spend time learning in your classroom.

Networking & Community...but for today's world and just for women...

about us

how it started...

Business & Bubbly started in 2021 by Charity Majors, fellow entrepreneur, speaker, author, influencer and woman in business. She loved meeting new people, community and networking, but found when it came to the “networking world,” all of the networking groups out there seemed to be the "same 'ol, same 'ol," filled with robotic 30-second stories #insertrobotarms, salty-salesmen shoving bad business cards in your face and stuck in the 1990's...instead of staying in those rooms that *clearly* weren't a fit, she decided to create what she longed for modern women in business... 

how it's going...

  • Nation-wide (soon to be international) chapters of women in business (with a goal of 100 in the next few years).
  • ​Supporting 150+ members (and growing daily).
  • Sold out annual Rise Summit for Women in Business that features major speakers, influencers & thought leaders, as well as empowers members to step up to the big stage.
  • Local communities & global connections supported by our "C.O.M.M.U.N.I.T.Y. Framework."
  • ​Equipping new chapter directors as community leaders & impactful speakers.
  • Podcast that reaches thousands of women.
  • ​Creating micro-economies in local communities as women are doing business & life together.
  • ​Having FUN and not doing business (or life) alone!

Be Featured

"Women in business" directory

Ever wanted an easy place to search for other epic women in business (whether it's to hire them, send a referral to or even just to connect)?

Ever wanted a place where YOU / your business / product / service can be found by other epic women in business?

Welcome to the "Women in Business Directory" hosted by Business & Bubbly. This is THE place online to not only be seen, but find other women in business, whether they are in your area or world-wide.

Join the directory TODAY and get featured right away...(listing included in membership)...

Articles for Women in Business

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are you a connector in your area and have a desire to lead a community of women?

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