Amplify Your Network: Exclusive Insights from Charity Majors

Sunday, July 07, 2024

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In this episode of Business & Bubbly, your host Charity Majors goes over her top tips for high-level networking and the value it brings. With insights from her recent experiences and encounters, she shares valuable networking strategies for listeners.
Grab a glass of bubbly and join Charity Majors as she guides us through a journey of high-level networking insights. Let’s dive into this episode!

Discussion Points:
1. Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover - Understanding the value of initially unassuming connections (timestamp: 02:33)
2. Embracing a Heart-Centric Mentality - The power of "oh, there you are" instead of "here I am" (timestamp: 07:30)
3. Being Present and Adding Value - The significance of genuine interest and active listening (timestamp: 08:42)
4. Proximity and Its Impact - Understanding the power of intentional proximity in networking (timestamp: 17:17)
5. Follow-Ups and Continuity - Leveraging follow-ups to build and nurture connections after events (timestamp: 19:19)

Charity Majors shares her top tips for high-level networking, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections and value exchange. She covers the significance of initial impressions, heart-centric networking approaches, active listening, proximity, and the need for follow-ups to nurture connections beyond events.

Speaker Bio:
Charity Majors is the host of the Business & Bubbly podcast and an advocate for building high-value networks in the business world. Her insights and experiences are invaluable for professionals seeking to excel in their networking endeavors.


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