Craft Confident Speeches: Charity Majors’ Secret to Ditching Filler Words

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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In this episode of Business & Bubbly, your host, Charity Majors, shares valuable insights on how to eliminate filler words and enhance public speaking skills. She delves into the concept of anchoring and how it can significantly improve communication by reducing the use of filler words such as "um" and "like." 

So, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and get ready to level up your speaking game with Charity Majors. Let's jump into this episode!

Key Takeaway:
Mastering the art of public speaking by eliminating filler words through the concept of anchoring.

Join Charity Majors as she discusses the effective technique of anchoring to eliminate filler words, elevate public speaking skills, and make a lasting impact as a speaker. She shares her personal experiences and provides practical tips for individuals looking to enhance their communication skills.

Discussion Points:
1. Understanding the concept of filler words and their impact on communication effectiveness.
2. Exploring the technique of anchoring in public speaking and its application to eliminate filler words.
3. Implementing anchoring as a powerful tool for confident and impactful speaking engagements.
4. Practical tips for readers on applying the anchoring technique in various speaking scenarios, including podcasting, public speaking, and networking events.
5. Expanding speaking skills and embracing transformative growth as a voice in business and beyond.

Time Stamps:
01:24 - The detrimental impact of filler words on public speaking and effective communication.
03:13 - Charity Majors' personal experience and introduction to the anchoring technique.
04:24 - Practical application of anchoring using physical cues to reduce filler word usage.
06:56 - Elevating speaking abilities and transforming into an impactful voice in business and beyond.
08:10 - Engaging with the episode and exploring opportunities for professional growth and development.


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