Unconventional Networking: The Path to Business Growth with Sarah Gemmell

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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In this episode of Business & Bubbly, your host, Charity Majors, engages in a captivating conversation with networking and community building expert Sarah Gemmell. Their discussion dives deep into the complexities of entrepreneurship and the significant role that networking plays in personal and professional growth. So, fill your glass with bubbly and get ready to gain valuable insights from this enlightening episode!

Speaker Bio:
Sarah Gemmell, founder of Sarah Jean Co, has successfully leveraged her expertise in networking and community building to generate leads and revenue through quality connections. Her unique ability to quickly build rapport and convert connections into profitable partnerships has led to substantial income growth and self-employment success.

Charity and Sarah explore the intricacies of networking and the necessity of discomfort and struggle for entrepreneurial growth. They emphasize the value of diversified networking and the need for authenticity and intentionality in forming connections. Sarah's journey toward successful networking is highlighted, from trial-and-error experiences to significant business growth through strategic networking.

Discussion Points:
1. Embracing discomfort and struggle in entrepreneurial growth
2. Diversification and intentionality in networking for maximum ROI
3. The significance of self-awareness in optimizing networking strategies
4. Uniting psychology training and networking tactics for success
5. Monetizing networking efforts and the importance of genuine support in referral partnerships

Time Stamps:
00:50 - Unveiling the importance of supporting women in business
04:30 - Acknowledgment of devoted listeners
08:49 - Empowering summit fostering great speakers and connections
12:58 - Authentic presence in diverse facets
15:27 - Engaging, savoring, and sharing for business success
Closing Summary:
Charity extends gratitude to Sarah Gemmell and encourages listeners to rate, review, subscribe, and share the podcast to attract top-level guests and reach more women on their business journey. Get ready to be inspired by this enriching conversation!

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